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Small bug (Heteroptera) with a size of around  3-4 mm.  To obtain a larger area of sharpness focusstacking using 3 photos has been applied. Each photo has been made with magnification factor 5 and f/9, using a Canon 40D and a Canon macro lens MP-E 65 mm/f2.8...Heteroptera is a group of about 40,000 species of insects in the Hemiptera. Sometimes called "true bugs", that name more commonly refers to Hemiptera as a whole, and "typical bugs" might be used as a more unequivocal alternative since among the Hemiptera the heteropterans are most consistently and universally termed "bugs". "Heteroptera" is Greek for "different wings": most species have forewings with both membranous and hardened portions (called hemelytra); members of the primitive Enicocephalomorpha have wings that are completely membranous (source: Wikipedia).